Gym Classes & Fitness Training in Opelousas, LA

Health Club & Fitness Center

At Cajun Fitness, we know that getting and staying in shape requires dedication. That’s why our fitness center in Opelousas, LA, is designed to support members in multiple ways. We may not be able to do the hard work for you, but we can offer a place that’s clean, fun, and personable.


Variety of Fitness Equipment

Whether you prefer free weights, machines, dumb bells , or barbells there’s something for everyone at Cajun Fitness. All workout areas are spacious and well-lit for your comfort. We also have multiples of machines, so you won’t get stuck waiting for the elliptical. Since many members enjoy watching television while running or biking, we also have cardio entertainment to make your workout session fly by.

Fun and Friendly Classes

Taking classes can be a great way to work out since you may meet people who are also on their fitness journeys. With our extensive offerings, you’re sure to find a class that interests you:
To accommodate the schedules of our working members, we have classes available every day of the week, with early morning and late evening options.

Supportive Environment

Everyone has different needs when it comes to working out. For example, we understand that it can be intimidating or uncomfortable to work with a male trainer if you’re a woman. That’s why you can request a personal female trainer. All our staff are happy to help you set goals and tailor programs to your needs.

Women Only Weight Area

Enjoy user friendly weight machines designed specifically for women. This private area for women will ensure you get the workout you need and the body you desire.

On-Site Childcare

Parenting is a full-time job with no days off, not even for an hour at the gym. We offer on-site childcare so parents can get their workouts in without having to find a babysitter. While you break a sweat, your kids can watch TV, play with an abundance of toys or draw on a giant chalkboard, all under the watchful eyes of our staff.

Convenient Lockers

Carting your valuables around can be annoying at the gym, especially if you come directly from work. At Cajun Fitness, we offer secure lockers where you can store your belongings. Now you can push yourself to the limit without worrying about things falling out of your pockets or getting left behind.

Innovative Approach to Fitness

Whether you’re looking for a specific class or you need a gym that’s open 24 hours, our Opelousas location is a great option. Cajun Fitness was founded on the idea that people should feel welcome at their gym, not intimidated. To join our many satisfied members, give us a call at (337) 594-9297 or contact us online.



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