High-Intensity Interval Training

At Cajun Fitness, we think gym workouts should be fun. Instead of dragging yourself to the fitness center, you should be excited to learn and record your progress.

To help our members enjoy their fitness journeys, we offer a variety of Les Mills classes. No matter what kind of workout you’re looking for, you can find something to enjoy among our offerings.

High-Intensity Interval Training

If you like to hit the gym hard, our HIIT classes are for you. We have two 30-minute options: Grit and Sprint. Grit focuses on building strength and increasing lean muscle through the use of body weight, weight plates, and barbell exercises. Sprint burns calories, tones, and improves cardiovascular fitness through cycle training.


For those who want to get their heart rate up, we have several Les Mills cardio classes:

  • BodyAttack: You can increase your endurance, coordination, and agility with this 55-minute, music-fueled cardio workout.
  • BodyCombat: This martial arts class shapes, tones, and builds endurance over 55 minutes.
  • BodyStep: This 55-minute workout helps with agility, coordination, and cardiovascular health.
  • RPM: You can build leg strength and improve endurance with this 45-minute cycling class.


If you want to build strength, we’ve got just the classes for you:

  • BodyPump: Shape, tone, and maintain your bone health with this 55-minute weights class.
  • CxWorx: If you want to improve your balance, then check out this 30-minute core workout.
  • Barre: This 30-minute class is inspired by ballet, which means you’re in for an intense workout that helps range of motion, joint flexibility, and core strength.


The 45-minute Tone class is an excellent option for anyone who wants to focus on core exercises and toning. As a low to moderate impact workout, it’s a good option for those just getting into fitness.


Dancing is a great way to express yourself while getting fit. At Cajun Fitness, we offer the BodyJam class (55 minutes of intense, street-inspired moves) and Sh’Bam (a 45-minute calorie-burning workout).

Mind and Body

Fitness isn’t just about pushing your body — it can also contribute to your mental health. BodyFlow uses Pilates, tai chi, and yoga to expand your range of motion, improve flexibility, and enhance your mental wellbeing.


Sometimes you just can’t make it to a scheduled live class, but don’t want to skip an exercise session. Cajun Fitness’s Les Mills virtual classes help you get fit throughout the day and around the clock. With state-of-the-art instruction and in house equipment, you can stay motivated and keep moving forward.

Enrollment in Cajun Fitness Workout Classes

Cajun Fitness offers classes at all of our locations with early morning and late evening options. To learn more, you can call your nearest Cajun Fitness Center.

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