Les Mills Classes

Les Mills Body Pump class starts by gathering the equipment you need to complete the workout. This includes weight plates of various sizes, a bar, a benchtop, and hand weights. During the hour-long class, the instructor will play energetic, popular music. Each track is devoted to working out a particular muscle group, as listed above. There will be time between each track for you to change the weight on your bar according to the directions provided by your instructor. Your instructor will also inform you what equipment to use for each track, demonstrate the movements, and cue you when to use them. It helps if you choose a spot where you can clearly see the instructor.

The amount of weight you use varies for each track. The heaviest is the leg track, followed by the back track.

High-Energy Workouts

These high-intensity exercise sessions don’t just help you tone your muscles. They make you feel AMAZING in every sense of the word. Your body gets a fantastic workout, and stress just disappears. Here are three things that make exercising with Les Mills so popular:

  • Beats: Every Les Mills class has its own vibe. Some workouts pair cardio with pulse-pounding electronic beats, while others focus on specific dance styles. Exercising to your favorite music fills you with energy and excitement. With Les Mills, the beats and your movements are carefully synchronized.
  • Burn: Every motion in a Les Mills class is designed to focus on specific muscle groups. Each routine is designed by experts who understand how to maximize your burn. Our instructors make sure your entire body gets a balanced workout.
  • Themes: There are Les Mills programs for tons of different lifestyles. Many routines include core training, cardio, and resistance, but we also have relaxing workouts that benefit your mind and body. Whether you’re into martial arts or ballet-inspired motions, there’s a Les Mills class for you.

Benefits of BODYPUMP

Les Mills Body Pump is a good introduction to weightlifting if you haven't tried it before but are interested in seeing what it can do for you. There can be an element of intimidation involved in weightlifting, especially when you are first starting out, but taking Body Pump classes helps to mitigate it. A Body Pump workout helps burn more calories by elevating your heart rate and building muscle to help your metabolism become more efficient. You can use lighter weights to sculpt lean muscle by using higher reps.

Les Mills Classes in Louisiana

Cajun Fitness offers Les Mills Body Pump classes to members at our locations in Eunice, Opelousas, Youngsville, Broussard and Rayne. A Body Pump workout is just one of the fun fitness experiences we have to offer. Our fees are reasonable, and membership gives you access to many other benefits and amenities. Contact us for more information about Body Pump or to become a new member.

An Incredible Boost to Your Day

If you’ve never attended Les Mills classes before, you’re in for a treat. They’re the perfect mix of fun and exercise. You don’t need any previous experience to get started. Sign up or learn more by contacting our team online right away.

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